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How is Smart Communication unique?

We are an advertising, marketing and business communication agency based in Helsinki, Finland, and specialized in creative planning services for domestic campaigns, as well as international ones. Since 1993 we have been developing concepts, providing copywriting, offering graphic design and coordinating business communication projects for our clients in a very cost-efficient and profitable way.

We have been working mainly for Finnish corporations with extensive foreign operations, some of them world-wide. In addition, a couple of European and Scandinavian ad agencies have relied on us. We provide our services in three languages: English, Finnish and Swedish. We have further experience in editing German-language material and also coordinating material creation for which the final outcome is produced in a more exotic language, even Japanese.

Our approach to international and global campaigns is based on true understanding of the requirements of the various target groups: the messages are not merely translations, but ’transcreations’ that are culturally fine-tuned and precisely adjusted to specific surroundings. These varying intercultural requirements also have to be taken into account in the visualizations.

Click the subheads on the yellow righthand column to find out more about the different faces of Smart Communication: to review our company history and specialization, to glance through some testimonials by our clients, to read about our more philosophical ideas of advertising, to check how we feel about the proper relationship between the client and agency...and, finally, to contact us, traditionally or by e-mail.

We are very happy you decided to stop by. We sincerely hope we can on this site provide you with some eye-opening ideas, maybe generate a few new thoughts about business communication, generate some genuine interest and - who knows? - even find common ground for future cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Martti Korpijaakko
Managing Director, M.A. (, copywriter

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